Inside Rosslyn Chapel: Uncovering the Stories Carved in Stone

Posted on May 13th, 2024.

Nestled in the lush Scottish countryside just a short drive from Edinburgh lies Rosslyn Chapel, a structure as shrouded in mystery as it is rich in beauty. 

Known officially as the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, this 15th-century chapel has captured the imaginations of visitors from around the world with its intricate carvings and legendary connections to the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. 

In this post, we'll delve into the fascinating details of what makes Rosslyn Chapel a must-visit destination for any traveler, revealing the stories behind the stone.

What is Rosslyn Chapel?

Rosslyn Chapel began its journey in 1446 when it was founded by William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness of the Scoto-Norman Sinclair family. 

A treasure trove of stone carvings, the chapel presents an exquisite example of Gothic architecture. 

However, it's not just the architecture that draws the crowds; the chapel is enveloped in a veil of myths and legends, purportedly linking it to the Freemasons and the fabled Knights Templar.

The Mysteries of the Carvings

Inside Rosslyn Chapel, visitors are often struck by the sheer volume and variety of the carvings. Each piece tells a part of a larger narrative, composed of biblical stories, pagan mythology, and historical figures. Here are a few highlights:

The Green Man

One of the most captivating and recurring motifs within Rosslyn Chapel is the Green Man. Found in more than 100 iterations throughout the chapel, the Green Man is a pagan symbol that represents rebirth and the cyclic nature of life through the depiction of a face surrounded by or made from leaves. Springing forth from mouths or entwining around the capitals of pillars, these carvings remind us of the chapel’s deep connections with nature and possibly hint at the ancient rituals and beliefs of the Celtic people who once inhabited these lands.

The Apprentice Pillar

Perhaps the most famous and storied carving within Rosslyn Chapel is the Apprentice Pillar, an ornately decorated column featuring winding dragon-like vines and mysterious symbols. Legend has it that the original master mason, upon seeing the completed pillar carved by his young apprentice in his absence, was consumed with jealousy and murdered the apprentice. This pillar not only demonstrates the extraordinary craftsmanship of the stonemasons who built Rosslyn but also encapsulates a tragic tale of passion, envy, and talent. Today, it stands as a testament to the skill and artistry that has been preserved through the centuries.

Masonic Symbols

Rosslyn Chapel’s connection to Freemasonry is often debated, but many visitors come searching for the symbols that tie this medieval structure to the secretive brotherhood. Among the intricately carved stones, one can find compasses, squares, and other tools commonly associated with Freemasonry. These engravings suggest that the chapel may have served as a meeting place for Masons, or that the Sinclairs, the family behind the chapel’s construction, were influential figures in the early Scottish Masonic circles. Whether these symbols are mere decoration or markers of deeper ritualistic significance remains a subject of fascination and study.

Where is Rosslyn Chapel?

This architectural gem is situated in the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland. Just seven miles south of Edinburgh, it is an easy and scenic drive into Scottish history and mystery, making it a perfect inclusion in any tour of the region.

The Role of Rosslyn Chapel in Popular Culture

Rosslyn Chapel's ascent to global fame can largely be attributed to its significant role in Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code," a novel that intertwines historical facts with fiction, creating a captivating mystery involving secret societies, ancient symbols, and religious relics. In the novel, the chapel is depicted as the possible repository of the legendary Holy Grail, which has sparked intense interest and debate among readers and scholars alike.

Connection to the Holy Grail

According to the lore presented in "The Da Vinci Code," Rosslyn Chapel serves as a key location in the trail of clues leading to the Holy Grail. The chapel is suggested to house secret chambers beneath its foundations, where sacred artifacts, including the Grail, might be hidden. This portrayal taps into long-standing myths surrounding the Sinclair family, who built the chapel, alleging their ties to the Knights Templar—a medieval organization thought by some to have guarded the Holy Grail.

Symbolism and Arcane Knowledge

The chapel is rich with carvings that some believe to encode secret knowledge and arcane wisdom. Symbols thought to represent the feminine divine, linked to Grail lore as symbolic of the womb or chalice, are prominently featured in the chapel’s architecture. This has led enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists to speculate that the chapel was designed to convey hidden religious truths or heretical messages, which the conventional church might have found subversive at the time.

Impact on Tourism and Scholarship

The popularity of "The Da Vinci Code" has transformed Rosslyn Chapel into a pilgrimage site for those fascinated by its alleged connections to the Templars, the Freemasons, and the Holy Grail. This surge in tourism has been beneficial for the chapel’s conservation but has also sparked debates about the line between historical fact and fiction in popular culture. Scholars and historians often find themselves engaging with a public more interested in myth than reality, driving a new type of dialogue about the importance and interpretation of historical sites.

How to Visit Rosslyn Chapel

Planning a visit to this iconic site can be a magical experience, especially when done with knowledgeable guides who can enhance the journey with rich stories and historical context. At Love Scotland, we offer a premier private tour which includes a detailed visit to Rosslyn Chapel as part of our Rosslyn Chapel and Edinburgh City Tour. This six-hour tour not only explores the chapel but also key sights around Edinburgh, making it a comprehensive way to experience Scottish culture and history.

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Wrapping Up

Inside Rosslyn Chapel, there is a world of history, mystery, and architectural beauty waiting to be explored. The chapel’s fascinating narratives and breathtaking carvings offer a unique window into Scotland’s past and the universal quest for knowledge and beauty. Whether you are a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or someone seeking a connection with the past, Rosslyn Chapel provides a profound experience.

Ready to uncover the secrets of Rosslyn Chapel for yourself? Contact Love Scotland for an exclusive touring experience that promises not just a journey through Scotland, but a journey through time.

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