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Our tours attract customers who come from all over the world and from all walks of life, though generally, they are native English speakers. Our guides consistently say that our customers are always great guests, with interesting questions and upbeat curiosity. We know you will love them as much as we do.

We will handle all communication with the travellers from the time of booking. Closer to the tour date (between 72 hours to 48 hours before the tour start time) you will receive a “Final Guide Itinerary Email” which will contain the traveller’s contact information.
The traveller’s phone number is only provided so you can contact them prior to the tour date to introduce yourself and confirm the start time and meeting location.
For any other purposes, you should always contact Travel Curious.

For bookings cancelled with up to 96 hrs notice, the traveller is entitled to a full refund and you will receive no payment. The timing is calculated in accordance with the time zone where the tour takes place. We cannot cover lost opportunities.
For bookings cancelled with less than 96 hs notice, you are entitled to full payment, however if the traveller wishes to re-schedule their tour, we will confirm if you can accommodate another date as that is helpful for us to provide excellent customer service.
In the cancellation notification email you will be notified if you are due payment

You should contact our Reservations Team in the following cases:
If you have questions or suggestions about an active booking,
If you are no longer available to fulfil a tour,
If you want to suggest changes to the meeting location, start time, itinerary or other elements of the tour,
If you can’t find the travellers at the meeting location and can’t reach them on the contact number provided,
If you need assistance with your expense form or have questions about your payment,
In case of an emergency situation,
The traveller’s phone number is only available to contact them prior to the tour date to introduce yourself and confirm the start time and meeting location.

Please contact us immediately by phone

In the event of an accident, please first ensure the customer’s safety. When it is no longer an emergency, please reach out to us with a full incident report. Please note, we will also be contacting the customer directly once we have spoken to you.

No, we are a vertically-integrated company, which means that we create and operate our own private tours that are fulfilled by a network of professional guides such as yourself. You are welcome to submit your tour ideas and suggestions through our Guides Team

The maximum number of people varies depending on the tour, as some attractions have restrictions on group size. Though we predominantly offer private tours (typically two to four people), we are including gradually group tours for our channel partners. It is unlikely for a group to exceed 15 people. Also, at the time we offer you the tour, we will inform you of the group size and implications if the group is larger.

We pay guides according to standard, predetermined rates based on the city. These rates are periodically reviewed and we are happy to discuss the local rates for your city with you. If our rates change in a city, we will inform all of the guides who work there.

We have a set fee for guides in each city for our standard tours, and these fees are monitored in order to ensure fair payment to the guides while optimizing costs for our customers and partners. For more specialised or customised tours, it is possible for a price to be negotiated as it may not adhere to the standards.

The booking confirmation email will contain this information in detail. In case you need to purchase the tickets yourself, you can claim this expense directly from your Guide Account Dashboard in the Delivered Bookings tab, and you will be reimbursed in full together with payment for conducting the tour.

Most of the attractions offer free passes for licensed guides, however if this is not the case, you must inform us during the vetting process so that this can be considered in the pricing of tours. In situations where the guide does not have free entrance into specific attractions, it will be treated as an expense and the company will reimburse the guide the full amount of the ticket as part of the reconciliation.

For tours that include transportation, there is an amount allocated for this purpose and the mode of transit will be communicated in your Final Guide Itinerary email. If the customer decides to use a mode of transit that is outside of what is included in the tour description and discussed in advance, then the customer will be responsible for paying for it on the day of the tour.
For example, if the tour includes public transportation, and the customer opts for a different mode such as taxis, then the difference is to be paid by the customer during the tour.
Note: if you are a driver guide, you must hold the necessary insurance to cover this service. This will be checked by our vetting team during your initial sign up, and you are responsible for communicating any changes in your licenses and insurance.

First, it is important that you hold the relevant insurance and licenses according to the laws of the country and cities in which you operate. We will discuss the current insurance you hold during your interview (therefore, please be ready to discuss this and show proof when your call is scheduled). You can still apply to be a Travel Curious guide without holding insurance; however, we will not be able to allocate you any tours until you are covered. We are happy to work with you to find a safe and thorough policy.

After the tour is delivered, you will need to login to your Guide Account Dashboard and head to your delivered bookings section. In your “Final Guide Confirmation Email” you will also find a shortcut to your Guide Account Dashboard.

We don't take any commission from the tour guide payment. For any guide fee amount mentioned to you will not need to account for any deductions.

Typically, we make payments by Stripe, bank transfer, or PayPal. We incur all the fees that we have control over, however, we will not cover any bank or Paypal charges incurred on your end for receiving such payment.

We reconcile with all guides globally monthly by the 9th working day, at which time you will be paid in full for any tours that you claimed for in the previous calendar month. Please be sure to load all of your invoices within a few days of a tour and fill in the Guide expense form to ensure you are paid in the same cycle.

Generally no. However, if there is a substantial outlay of expenses, we will work with you on an ad hoc basis to provide advanced payment.

The available currencies are US Dollars ($), Euros (€) or British Pounds (£). If you wish to be paid in a local currency, you need to communicate with us during your vetting process. As an additional note, it is on you, the guide, to keep your payment information up to date on your profile.

We connect guides to discerning customers operating as an agency service for tour guides. Travel Curious is registered in England and Wales. According to English law, where agency services are provided to a business, any VAT is payable where the business is located. As such, it is the responsibility of tour providers to make their own arrangements with local tax authorities regarding the payment of value-added taxes.VAT registered guides working within the EU will be required to let us know their VAT number in order that we may comply with EU reporting requirements.

Because of the different VAT laws by country, you will discuss this in your vetting process, though generally, the onus will be on you to understand the VAT policies in the places you lead tours.

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